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About Synch-iT

At Synch-iT Jewelry Ltd, we specialize in unique women’s jewelry that is fashionable as well as multi-functional.Our pieces are handmade in North America. The chains and pendants used in our line of Synch-iT products are made of only the best materials. Each piece is created with either rhodium plating or gold, accompanied by genuine Swarovski crystals.

These pieces of unique fashion jewelry can be applied to nearly any piece of clothing. The pendants are affixed with a strong magnet, allowing items to be fastened to nearly any surface. Pendants and chains can be interchanged between designs, allowing you to customize each piece of Synch-iT jewellery.

Apart from being additions to newer clothing, our magnetic chains and pendants can be used to save your favourite clothing. Instead of “fixing” items, causing damage by using pins or less than perfect sewing techniques, our magnetic Synch-iT pendants can be used to fasten or wrap garments to your body type. When used correctly, our pieces of unique women’s jewelry can be an effective alternative to permanent alterations.



Our Story

Growing up in rural Manitoba, I learned the value of fashion-ingenuity. In a family of eight, items of clothing were passed down like heirlooms, from one hand to the next. By the time these items made it down to me, they lacked style and fit. In order to break away from the culture of “hand-me-downs” I began altering and dyeing my garments in order to make them my own.

As I grew, I dabbled in many occupations, from corporate positions to health care assistant. Through them all, I knew that something was missing. It became obvious that I was missing a creative aspect to my life. Since childhood, I have found my peace in creativity, finding new ways to express myself, whether it be interior design, cooking or knick-knack creations.

All the while, it was incredibly hard to find clothing to fit my particular body shape. I started to doubt that I could be the only one with this same issue. From this point on, producing unique women’s jewelry that is functional and fashionable became my top priority. Although the world of fashion accessories has been difficult to navigate, I am very fortunate to have the support of my family and friends. Through it all, I have found an industry and product that I can stand behind proudly and that brings me happiness.

I welcome you to share in the convenience and confidence that comes along with our magnetic pendants and clothing accessories.



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