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Welcome to Synchit!

After countless attempts to sew and alter clothing she wanted to create an accessory that would not damage or permanently alter clothing.

She was born and raised by her mother and father in Winnipeg, MB (Canada) along with her three brothers and three sisters. Growing up she felt the need to add her own style to the clothing that was passed down to her from her sisters. This was just the beginning. Throughout the years, regardless of lack of style or fit, she purchased clothing for the fabric quality or the attractive colors. There were things she did not want to throw away; a hole in a sweater, a stain in a shirt, that favorite item that no longer fit. These were some of the reasons in her frustrating attempts to act as a seamstress. Those efforts led into using pins that ultimately caused damage or sewing methods that ended in a more permanent alteration. There had to be an alternative.

When she relocated to British Columbia (Canada) a few years ago, she had a vision; the journey was long and filled with many challenges. This required patience, perseverance, passion and utmost dedication. It was a new exciting venture, she began building new relationships along the way. The path was being paved, Synch iT was not just a dream, it became a reality.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do. Want a change, I invite you to Synch iT.

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