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2019 women’s fashion accessories

2016 women’s fashion accessories.

2016 is an exciting year for an accessory change.  Are you looking for a change from the necklace or body jewelry.  Something a little different rather than items worn around your neck, arm or ankle.

Do you want to achieve multiple styles with one accessory?  Have we got the product for you.

An accessory that you can wear around your neck, body and also be worn safely on clothing?  Sure why not, let’s go further, maybe wear it in your hair, shoes or on a skirt.  Synch iT Jewelry, limitless possibilities.

These stylish magnetic jewelry sets are made in North America.  Give yourself or your loved one an exciting unique high quality jewelry accessory gift. They are a fabulous addition to any jewelry collection.  A multi functional twist to the traditional brooch and then some.

The accessories can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit.  We invite you to Synch It.

2016 women's fashion accessories