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How To Use Our Magnetic Jewelry

Synch-iT jewelry prides itself on functionality as well as quality. Magnetic pendants are easily attachable to any surface as well as interchangeable with the other pieces in our collection. Synch-iT provides completely customizable jewelry, easily interchanged in moments. Express yourself by mixing and matching your favourite pieces, creating a Synch-iT piece that is all your own and uniquely yours.


Synch-iT: Magnetic Pendants

Our pendants are equipped with two small magnets, one affixed to the back of the pendant directly while the other is built into a small backing piece. This system of attachment prevents any damage to clothing, as can be expected from traditional brooches. The pendants function as stand alone pieces, replacing the need for brooches or pins but can also be combined with chains or other pendants to form a completely new accessory.

customizable jewelry piece, rhodium plated and magnetic.

Synch-iT: Customizable Jewelry

When combined together, these pieces work as an alternative to traditional clothing fasteners or permanent alterations. Our “two pendant package” includes; two magnetic pendants and backings, two removable chains and two removable clips.

By placing a pendant on either side of an open cardigan or blouse, creating a gathering effect when fastened. The strength of the magnets allows wearers to fold and gather articles of clothing in the desired way while still being able to wear the pieces as jewelry.  The pendants look fabulous when clipped on hair.


Synch-iT: Necklaces

Our Synch-iT necklace sets come complete with a chain, pendant and magnetic backing. When the magnetic backing is removed, customers are able to wear the pendants as simple but elegant necklaces.

All of our magnetic jewelry and accessories are interchangeable. Trade pendants or chains to and from designs to create a customizable piece that is all your own.

Our magnetic and customizable jewelry attaches easily and can be worn for any occasion. Adjust the pendants and chains to create a gather effect on clothing or wear simply as elegant additions to outfits.


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