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Fashion jewelry

Fashion Jewelry accessories have been worn for hundreds of years. Accessories appeal to people of all ages. Weather they are used as a fashion statement or feel good item, they are worn on any given occasion.  Jewelry has come a long way from ancient times with bold different styles and colors.  They have evolved into body piercings and body jewelry.  It is time for a new innovative accessory.

There are many fashion accessories on the market some that includes; purses, watches, belts, earrings and necklaces.  Although there are no accessories quite like this.  Magnetic pendants with detachable chains.

We are excited to provide you with our unique fashion jewelry & clothing jewelry line. Reap the benefits of having a unique clothing accessory with a twist.  These jewelry & clothing accessories could be a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Give the gift of jewelry, for a friend, family or because I am thinking of you gift.  Show your creative side and have fun with these interchangeable magnetic jewelry accessories.

These functional fashion clothing jewelry accessories have multiple uses.  They can be worn as a necklace and pendant set, use the magnetic pendant as a broach or add multiple chains for layered look.  Maybe use the pendant to cover a small hole or stain on a shirt.  The possibilities are endless.

The magnetic pendants can be easily attached and removed.  Brooches can damage clothing and these unique clothing jewelry accessories offers a safer alternative.

I have a lot of fun wearing the products and continue to find many other ways to wear these unique clothing jewelry accessories.  When I have worn pendants on my clothes I had been asked if they can worn anywhere and if they could even used on window curtains.  Answer, of course they can.

See our video on ways to wear.

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