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Magnetic pendants & gold chains

This stunning set includes two 9″ chains with lobster claw closures, two magnetic Swarovski crystal pendants and 2 gold clips.  Lead free gold plated chains and pendants. The pendants have beautiful emerald and diamond colored Swarovski crystals.

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The package includes magnetic pendants & gold chains with bead clips.  The gold chains are 9 inches long with lobster claw closures. The magnetic pendants are beautifully decorated with clear diamond and emerald Swarovski crystals. These pendants are easily attachable to clothing and other various articles.

Attach the magnetic pendants & chains on items and secure in place placing the magnetic plates to the back of the magnetic pendants.  The bead clips on the chains are removable and can be moved up and down along the chains. The lobster claws on the gold chains are also removable from the magnetic pendants.

The magnetic pendants can be worn on a scarf, jeans, blouse or attach the magnetic pendant on the side of tights for additional style.  Would you like to add a special touch to a hair up-do simply attach the magnetic pendants in your hair. This gorgeous set of magnetic pendants & chains is a fabulous addition to any jewelry collection.

Use one magnetic pendant & chain and attach to your clothing using the magnetic pendant and plate to secure in place. Remove the chain from the pendant and wear the pendant alone.

On the back of the decorative pendant there is a strong tiny magnet that is secured in place in the pendant’s cavity.  The removable magnet plate attracts to the pendants cavity, this provides a strong magnetic attraction allowing the pendant to securely stay in place.

This set is a beautiful and unique alternative to the traditional pin broach.  Use your fashion imagination to create endless fashion possibilities with magnetic pendants & chains.

Gold chains & magnetic pendants


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